TRIUMPH video series: youth mental health: it's everyone's business

Our video series shares some of the fantastic research and projects that are going on across the UK to support youth public mental health. We will also hear from young people about the issues and experiences that influence their mental health.

Please check back regularly for new videos.

Find out more from one of our funded projects, Reprezent’s – On the Level, a school radio programme designed to support mental well being.

The STEP study is undertaking research on training in schools designed to enhance mental health support for LGBTQ+ young adults.

Yes yes yes – good sexual communication and mutual consent

This video looks at the process of co-producing research with young people aged 16-19 years about sexual consent. Researchers talked to a total of 58 young people in Scotland across different genders and sexualities. Find out more in this podcast. To read the full research report please contact 

Research on suicidal thoughts and attempts in LGBTQ+ young people in Scotland

PhD researcher, Hazel Marzetti, talks about her research on the contributing factors towards suicidal thoughts and attempts of LGBTQ+ young people in Scotland. Contact: for more information on her work

Feeling well, feeling cared for

This video looks at the development of training for professionals working with care-experienced young people. Members of staff from Who Cares? Scotland, academics and care-experienced young people discuss the link between care experience and mental health that informed the training. Read more about the process behind developing this training.

Forums and webinars

Keynote speeches from the Children & Young People’s Mental Health Early Career Researchers’ Forum that took place on 23 & 24 September 2021.

 Opening by Dr Jo Inchley, Director of TRIUMPH network and Keynote 1 Professor Rory O’Connor.



Keynote 2 Julie Cameron from the Mental Health Foundation




Keynote 3 Professor Kay Tisdall




Panel discussion with members of TRIUMPH’S Youth Advisory Group.

Recording of TRIUMPH’s webinar, ‘Understanding and Preventing Youth Suicide, transdisciplinary perspectives‘, held online on 16 September 2021. This webinar features an engaging discussion from a range of invited guests from different disciplines, including academics Rory O’Connor, Siobhan O’Neill and Hazel Marzetti and Jenny Ferguson (delivery lead on children and young people, for the Scottish National Suicide Prevention Delivery and Action plan) and Childline team manager, Lauren Burke. Young people from TRIUMPH’s Youth Advisory Group are also in attendance.