Our work packages

The TRIUMPH Network delivers events and activities to focus our attention where mental health need is greatest. This includes workshops to understand the mental health problems facing young people, find possible solutions and take forward project ideas, and information exchange and community engagement events to share learning and increase the involvement of the groups and communities affected by youth mental health issues. To deliver this, TRIUMPH has three specific work packages:
  • partnership agenda setting workshops;
  • intervention development and co-production workshops;
  • an ongoing programme of knowledge exchange and community engagement.
Young people are invited, and supported, to take part in all of the TRIUMPH activities. We employ a participatory design approach using different visual methods and creative outputs to support engagement with young people and to make the decision-making process more accessible. Network funding will be used to support small research projects to seek and develop solutions to the mental health challenges that young people face and to prepare for larger funding applications to evaluate these.

1. Partnership agenda setting

In the first year, we are delivering a series of workshops to bring together ideas from young people with academics, policy-makers, practitioners and the voluntary sector using our participatory design approach. Through this, we can begin to understand the challenges young people face to maintain mental health, identify potential solutions, and draw up project ideas to take forward.

2. Intervention development and co-production

Building on the ideas generated in the agenda setting workshops, we will use a range of participatory research methods to facilitate the development of network and systems-level interventions. This second round of activities will include work to develop interventions and prepare project ideas to take forward for evaluation in future funding applications. This work package will be driven by co-design with users, communities and policy/practice stakeholders from across the Network and beyond, making full use of the network’s design innovation approach. Intervention development will be taken forward in two ways: via the activities of the themes and the network itself, and via network funding.

3. Knowledge exchange and community engagement

TRIUMPH facilitates information exchange and community engagement, through a programme of regular communication, research briefings, webinars and a regular newsletter. Two national networking events will be used to deliver updates, evaluate progress and support broader network member input, and TRIUMPH members are encouraged to seek opportunities to collaborate within and beyond the Network.

Our approach focuses on creative and experiential forms of sharing, developing and applying knowledge, with young people involved in all stages.