Priority Areas for Research to Improve Youth Public Mental Health

Over the past few months the TRIUMPH Network has worked with young people, researchers, policymakers and practitioners to determine priority areas for future research into youth mental public health.

Our design-led and co-production approach involved a series of four workshops held across the UK between November 2019 and January 2020, alongside an online consultation. Almost 200 stakeholders took part in our agenda-setting process including young people and adults with a range of expertise related to young people’s mental health.

Through this consultation we have identified a number of research priorities which will guide the direction of TRIUMPH Network research activities going forwards. The different aspects of young people’s lives cannot be easily separated, and the cross-cutting topics below emerged as priorities across the TRIUMPH Network’s three themes. 

However, within each theme different evidence gaps and research questions were identified with some topics more prominent in some themes than others. To find out more you can download the full Research Priority Report.

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