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TRIUMPH Update and June Newsletter

It has been a busy first six months for the TRIUMPH team. Having devoted our efforts to setting up the Network, the team are now well placed to focus and realise our vision for it. We have a great team in place and plans for our first Youth Advisory Group residential are well underway.

We are sad to announce that Professor Lisa McDaid is stepping down as Director of TRIUMPH as she has accepted a Professorship at the University of Queensland in Australia.  This is an exciting opportunity for her and her family and we wish her the best of luck!

Dr Jo Inchley will be the new Director of TRIUMPH.  Since 2015, Jo has been the elected International Coordinator for the WHO collaborative cross-national Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study, and with expertise in research with young people, schools and mental health, she is well placed to take on leadership of TRIUMPH.

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